Augarten Porcelain Chocolate Cup green


From the second oldest porcelain manufactory of Europe, Augarten, we bring you the finest items in handmade porcelain from Vienna.

  • Material : porcelain
  • Augarten has remained highly renowned for the luxurious and delicate masterpieces for almost 3 centuries now. Not only our table sets create an ambiance thats harmonic and aesthetically pleasing; we also create family heirlooms. Something as simple as our chocolate cups in various colors like green, yellow, light blue, rose, white, cobalt etc. are precious to those who have them. Each of these exquisite chocolate cups are passionately made and hand-painted to bring the truely long-lasting value.

  • Delicate material. Handle with care.

  • Augarten

    Founded in 1718, Augarten has 300 years of rich history in handcrafting masterpieces out of porcelain. Augarten is based out of Vienna and is globaly known for its delicate and graceful forms and exquisite designs.

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