C&C Milano

C&C Milano

C&C stands for Castellini (Piero) and Castellini (Emanuele), both belonging to the same Milanese family. The logo is formed by two interlinking horseshoes in reference to the Castellini family’s well-known passion for horses.

C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs, and the exclusivity of unique hand-made items.

Countless possibilities can be designed by combining the various fabrics, patterns and colours. The attention to detail is shown by C&C Milano in the final phase of each project, where everything is finished by hand in a highly specialized workshop.
The personal control over the entire production process, from spinning and weaving to finishing, is guaranteed to be of the highest standards offered by C&C Milano, in line with the traditional quality of the items "Made in Italy".

Pride in family history and heritage of longstanding textile tradition contributes to the formation of C&C Milano's strong identity. Today, after four generations, it is this same passion that motivates Piero and Emanuele Castellini to maintain the standards of excellence of the original C.Castellini&C, although the original concept of textile processing has been transformed into textile design

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