Carved Additions Pietre Dure Inlay Tabletop

Carved Additions

Carved Addtions brings organic elegance to homes around the world with its natural stone objects.

  • Material : marble
  • Depth : 36 inch.
  • Height : 1 inch.
  • Weight : 180 kg.
  • Inspired by an eighteenth-century artefact, this tabletop is a world in itself. It expresses a Florentine theme joined with beautiful landscapes on a black marble base and features an irresistible patina composed of coloured and semi-precious stones. One of our most favourite additions, this museum-worthy panel will stop the time and make a statement wherever it is placed.

  • Carved Additions

    We are fascinated by the thought of which is more important –
    the stone that has in it, an unseen beautiful world or the hand that unfurls this world
    or maybe it is the moment of oneness where the stone meets the hand and becomes an art.

    From what began as a hobby to collect marble artefacts and recreate 17th century Italian inlay, turned into a destination to find distinct works of art for those with a passion for marble and semi precious stones. We asked ourselves – what can we offer to modern homes to add to the artisanal allure while creating an intriguing space?

    The answer was set in stones.

    Colourful hard stones are sourced from the finest quarries of India, Italy, Vietnam and distant lands – and sliced using ancient bow-sow technique by hands. The design is then traced on the paper, tiny shapes of which are cut and glued on the stone. The semi-precious and coloured shapes are then carved out with precision and inlaid on the base to produce a lovely piece of home decor. It’s a journey only the master craftsmen take and the result so beautiful – you can’t help but admire!

    In the trove Carved Additions, you will find home accents that are not just functional and beautiful, but bring a timeless air to almost any setting – indoors, outdoors, living, garden, porch, patio, or elsewhere. You will also come across museum-worthy statements that will bring Italian aesthetic to your home in an instant. Our intention is to turn ordinary into one-of-a-kind; entryway into gallery; rooms into respite; and stone into a story.

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