Dotzauer Crystal and Swarovski Chandelier Design 407


Mansionly brings you the finest Chandeliers in swarovski elements and full cut crystal, made of 24 Carat Gold and Nickel, from the exclusive collection at Dotzauer.

  • Material : gold, nickel, swarovski elements, full cut crystals
  • Making a decision to buy a Chandelier made in 24 Carat Gold is never easy. You want to buy the best piece in the very first attempt. This is why at Mansionly, we bring you the finest chandeliers all the way from Austria. With more than 5 decades of experience in consulting and decorative light manufacturing, we trust Dotzauer fully to help you find the chandelier that belongs just right in your home. Color, metal, stone, style, design, there are so many options that you will certainly find yours to claim!

  • Fragile. Requires delicate handling, gentle and regular maintainence.

  • Finest Full Cut crystal, genuine Swarovski and 24 Carat Gold.

  • Dotzauer

    Dotzauer Decorative Lighting has been producing crystal lights (crystal chandeliers) and decorative lighting for more than 50 years. Our strengths are the highest competence and perfection in the processing of high-quality materials as well as many years of experience in consulting. In addition to our wide range of living room lighting, we export our crystal chandeliers all over the world, so our "Schauräume" is located in the most beautiful hotels, villas and palaces around the world.

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  • As an interior design company, we at Mansionly, have been very focused on creating spaces that don’t just appeal to the eyes...

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