Erick Dangin Richter Scale Chair Green And Brown

Erick Dangin

Trained By Nature Is Exactly The Suit Terms To Explain How Erick Dangin Gain His Knowledge On Design Process.Start Working As Craftsman In 2000’S Erick Dangin Has Try To Explore His Own Design Style Ever Since.Strongly Experienced Of Material And Technicality On Furniture Design . Erick Dangin Create And Design With His Own Style . Just Which Is His Passion . So You Can Feel His Soul On It.

  • Material : reclaimed teak, plantation teak and iron rod
  • Width : 57 cm.
  • Depth : 48 cm.
  • Height : 94 cm.
  • Erick Dangin Richter Scale Chair Green And Brown A Tribute To Jogjakarta Earthquake 2006.We Have Some Leftover Stuff When The Earthquake Happens . The Other Have Been Loaded At Container The Night Before Some Of The Items Were Damage Or Broken By The Ruins . A Chair One Of Them. I Looked Sadly At It,I Want To Restore It On My Way,A Non Carpenter Way Iron Rod Backrest And Back Legs I Got Find Easily In The Former Ruins Of The Earthquake I Just Need To Make Shape Of The Backrest And Back Legs Of The Chair Than Bring To The Welder .

  • Erick Dangin

    Trained by nature is exactly the suit terms to explain how Erick Dangin gains his knowledge on design process. Start working as craftsman in 2000’s, Erick Dangin has try to explore his own design style ever since.

    Strongly experienced of material and technicality on furniture design , Erick Dangin create and design with his own style, which is his passion.  So you can feel his soul on it.

    Struggle of his believes, in 2015 he create his own brand named : EDworks

    With the motto : ‘ My Works . . . My Style | My Passion | My soul ‘

    Edworks doesn’t follow mainstream taste,but Edworks designs intend to create new market trends. EDworks believes that following conventional trends will limit creativity. Our creativity time and being true to yourself will be limited by following the markets trends.

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