Extroverso Side Table Grumpy Series Pop


The fun, chic, conversation starter series of side tables from Extroverso.

  • Material : wood
  • Height : 43 cm.
  • Diameter : 37 cm.
  • Designed by Sakura Adachi, the happy grumpy series is a combination of side tables. The wenge structure and the space for books is available in both a chick and a pop version, depending on whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a laquered finish. Available in multiple colors like mint, yellow, red, corda, walnut, maple, viola, natural, ottanion, antracite, fucsia, turchese and avorio. These chick and hap combination of stools are made in wood and goatskin top and are an amazing way to indicate your mood wordlessly. The vibrant colors will brighten up the day no matter whether the stool is happy or grumpy though!

  • Extroverso

    Extroverso comes from experience and passion for design, furniture and accessories. Through objects and shapes, Extroverso wants to celebrate Beauty, made of local traditions, art, craftsmanship, of great refinement and quality. Design and lifestyle products, made in Italy by master craftsmen and quality manufacturer.

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