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Each and every piece of our furniture is lovingly hand-crafted from teak or mahogany in the villages of Java, and possesses unmatchable quality.

  • Material : wood: mahogany
  • Width : 180 cm.
  • Depth : 45 cm.
  • Height : 200 cm.
  • Code: BK55 Wood: Mahogany Dimensions: W180 x D45 x H200cms

  • Furniture World Singapore

    FWS brings you exquisite Indonesian wooden furniture rooted in the country’s rich history combining the cultures of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab, and Dutch explorers & colonists and the seafaring traders. Some of the furniture designs are also swayed by the religious influences coming from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. FWS helps showcase the legacy of hundreds of years of intricate wood craftsmanship and fine finish by creative Indonesian craftsmen. FWS combines its design talent and marketing expertise to make quality Indonesian wooden furniture available to discerning buyers around the Globe.

    FWS partners with a few selected production vendors having expertise in designing and producing a wide variety of middle to high- end traditional and contemporary pieces. We try to blend warm design and smart sourcing with advanced technology and progressive management techniques. A key to incorporating warm design into Indonesian furniture is to adapt raw materials that best protect Indonesia’s ecology while maintaining high-quality standards and competitive cost. FWS encourages its production vendors to retain and continuously develop its creative & talented workforce and incorporate best practices in production and management to establish a track record of excellence. By this, its buyers are assured of standardized quality with a long-term business view.

    FWS is an environmentally conscious company and ensures its production partners always source their timber from legally approved sources accompanied by the required certificates. It ensures only appropriately treated timber is selected for its production needs and maintains extraordinary standards in its final finishing & polishing including high standards for its accessories.

    Our Principal Shareholder and Director Mr. PR Vijayakumar is an Architect & Interior Designer with more than 40 years of experience in hotels & resorts in South East Asia and India. Besides many top class hotel chains, he has been actively involved in the planning and interiors of the following resorts.

    Kuantan Hyatt
    Tanjung Aru Beach hotel Holiday inn Lombok Indonesia Gem Holiday Inn Ooty India Bali Beach Hotel

    FWS works closely with a few selected furniture producers in Jepara, Central Indonesia who have great expertise in providing custom-made furniture for resorts and hotels.

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