Gaisbauer Park Avenue Gueridon


Bespoke collection of tables, counter tops and consoles from Gaisbauer. Come discover some of our best tables, nest tables, side tables and more.

  • Material : wood
  • Park Avenue Gueridon, with a beautiful table top incl. a veneered star - consisting of 12 leaves. Precious types of veneer like Makassar (black ebony) are used for the table-top-border. Four carved & milled harp legs, each constisting of two dowelled parts. Curved floor plate following cloverleaf-shape, edges vertically veneered. Handmade in Austria. Execution on photo: walnut, highgloss buffed. Also available in cherry and many other types of wood upon request.

  • Gaisbauer

    A brand deeply-rooted in Austria, Gaisbauer furniture is based on traditional Biedermeier-style. Each unique Gaisbauer original is manufactured carefully by hand and has been part of an ambitious style tradition since 1888. Gaisbauer furniture is globally known for its topmost quality of material and work process.

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