I Biagi Renaisssance Crystal Collection Design 162

I Biagi

Bespoke collection of hand decorated crystal and bronze artifacts for high-end homes, in the finest colors and original designs, for Mansions of the most discerning connoisseurs.

  • Material : hand decorated crystal, bronze
  • At I Biagi, we recognize the greatness of legends like Galileo for who they were, what they did and what they discovered. Through this exquisite, detailed collection specifically dedicated in homage to Galileo, we promise to keep bringing the finest articles in crystal and bronze to our patrons. I Biagi brings you a characteristic and original combination of hand decorated crystal and bronze which comes from the famous metalwork tradition of Pescia in Tuscany, Italy. Our exquisite hand decorated crystal and bronze artifacts are known for their detail and are crafted in full reverence of the traditional methods. As we bring you some of the most original colors in hand decorated crystal, and the finest, original designs, we also pay homage to the greatest Renaissance personalities through our bespoke, high-end collection. Each of the products available in this collection may be procured in a set or as individual pieces upon requests. Hence prices will vary and are available on request.

  • I Biagi

    “I Biagi” was established in 1987 in Pescia, a small medieval town located between Lucca and Florence. This area of Tuscany is famous for its metalwork tradition, dating back to ancient times, metalwork used especially for the manufacture of tableware, household products and gift items.

    The range of articles offered by “I Biagi” uses a characteristic and original combination of bronze and hand decorated crystal, created respecting the traditional methods. â€œI Biagi” is known for its attention to details and the ability to enrich their creations with the knowledge and contribution of the old artisans. All  â€œI Biagi” products are hand-made and properly tested.

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