Ingram Bed

Box Living

High Density Foam and Dacron over soild Wood Frame.

  • Material : solid wood
  • Width : 120 cm.
  • Hand Woven Leather over All Solid Frame with Variable Density Foam and Dacron Upholstery.

  • Box Living

    As a person of impeccable taste, you always seek out the extraordinary in everything you choose. What you display in your home must not only be of the highest quality - it must have the power to delight and amaze everyone who sees it.

    You appreciate exotic design influences, but you want to experience them in a fresh, new, contemporary interpretation.

    You also care about how your furniture and home décor were produced: In modern compliant production houses that combine technology with old-fashioned handcrafting techniques.

    We are the definitive source for high-end eclectic home décor. As you browse our collections, you will discover how design and craftsmanship come together to create

    furniture and décor of the highest caliber for residential, contract and hospitality applications. These are pieces you will find nowhere else. They are the result of the vision and passion of two extraordinarily talented architects and designers – Maya and Marcel.

    Our designs are our “babies” and we make sure they are produced to our meticulous quality standards, using only top-grade materials.

    All of our production houses are located in Indonesia. They were set up for their capabilities to combine modern manufacturing methods with old-fashioned craftsmanship in carving, weaving, and assembly. We are proud to have established ourselves as one of the world’s high-end furniture brands.

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  • As an interior design company, we at Mansionly, have been very focused on creating spaces that don’t just appeal to the eyes...

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