Jafartone Indian Turban Series 102

Jafartone Art brings unique paintings in pallate knife work and halftone style. Each painting is a unique masterpiece and speaks a story of its own.

  • Material : paper, acrylic color
  • In Jafars work, theres the rich and the opulent, theres the common folk; there are friends, family, lovers, renunciates and loners alike. The moods in his turban series range from love, arrogance, pride, comraderie to all the way to solitude and freedom. As you sample the bespoke collection from Jafartone Art, you will witness a stirring conversation these paintings will evoke in you. Afterall, this is not paper and color, but a culture unveiled! We know the feeling will be shared by everyone who samples a painting from this collection on your wall.

  • Keep away from moisture, heat and dust.

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