Kreol West Indies just watch me burn (2016)

Kreol West Indies

Just watch me burn is another thought out creation from Benito

  • Material : mixed media on canvas
  • Width : 130 cm.
  • Depth : 96 cm.
  • Benito has managed to create a masterpiece in the form of Just watch Me Burn. The depiction of Jesus on the cross saying I wanna be Famous with logos of social media platforms on his chest and Captain America’s shield on his right. On the other hand, a man is seen wearing clothes with the symbol of Batman on his hat and a superman logo on his chest. Thirdly, a woman showing her back to the world leaves the viewer to imagine the depiction of the art. Another woman can be seen walking amidst several alcohol bottles on the way.

  • Kreol West Indies

    This innovative concept of historical exhibition, a kind of time machine combining contemporary arts and objects of heritage, proposes an original scenography reconstructing each prehistoric and historical period, by chronological strata: "pre-Columbian civilizations", "flibust and piracy" Traditional tools and objects "," Creole interior of the 19th century ", the cabinet of curiosities" and "the 1940s".

    The Kreol approach is resolutely oriented towards preservation, restoration of heritage and eco-citizenship.

    The production is carried out locally (silkscreen made in Guadeloupe, embroidery and products from the earth to Marie-Galante). This allows them to contribute to local economic development.  

    Kreol develops a line 100% local production and 100% eco-citizen

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