LU Wood and Glass Tabletop Tripod Light Stand


Studio-style Tripod Lamp exclusively from LightenUP.

  • Material : wood, alum, glass
  • Width : 30 inch.
  • Depth : 26 inch.
  • Height : 28 inch.
  • Weight : 1.36 kg.
  • Pkg. Length : 97 inch.
  • Pkg. Breadth : 20 inch.
  • Pkg. Height : 20 inch.
  • Model or not, everyone enjoys being in the spotlight. Give your guests the joy of being centrestage, with this tripod light stand from LightenUp. Easy to collapse and move around, it comes with an adjustable head mount. Its handy size makes it easy for you to perch it on a table. Made in an amalgam of Aluminium, wood and glass, this piece will make everyone feel the attention they rightly deserve.

  • Keep away from Water

  • LightenUp

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