MOD. 548


The table lamp with reflected and diffuse light MOD. 548 is equipped with an adjustable spotlight in white lacquered aluminum, fixed on a tubular rod in polished or burnished brass. The basin diffuser is in white and blue or orange methacrylate. The brass bar at the base serves as a counterweight.

  • Material : alumnimum, brass, metacrylate
  • Height : 50 cm.
  • Diameter : 50 cm.
  • The 548 model presents elements of great interest in the history of light design: the adjustable projector that directs light to a reflective screen, the grab bar, the balance between different weights. But it is the great hat that characterizes it: the choice of opaline methacrylate makes it possible to obtain a sophisticated light diffusion. In its reissue, FLOS proposes an LED source and optical switch with variator.

  • Flos

    For us, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. We write the future, reading our past and expressing the present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold choices that have shaped our image and identity.

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