Orange Tree

Orange Tree

ORANGE TREE is a culture and a lifestyle with the ambition to unveil to the world the most brilliant of designs and wide variety in the domain of HOME DÉCOR with the sole purpose to represent the unique style of each homemaker. A space truly your own, the space we promise to decorate with love and with style.

Orange Tree, founded in 2013, is a brainchild of Basant Handicrafts, a well-known manufacturer and exporter of solid sheesham, mango and acacia wood furniture worldwide.

We are today partners of choice for premier furniture and décor makers around the world. We are defined by our commitment to excellence and our passion to bring life to vision that mould excellence with art.

For us the crux of ornamentation is to add a wonderful modern contemporary twist to the the Indian handicrafts usually banal surroundings and transform it into an awe inspiring setting that blends perfectly in any of the urban households. This idea led to the inception of Orange Tree that takes pride in its feisty designers and in house manufacturing unit that puts together their enviable energy to produce artifacts that are impeccable in quality and are an instant charmer and owing to our export background; impeccable quality. We offer lighting solutions that defy the tradition of just sticking lamps to the table as our styles include hanging, table, floor, wall and study lamps etc. to redefine the purpose of lamps from utility to beauty. Besides lamps we also have a colossal collection of mirrors, photoframes, wall decor, clocks and contemporary pieces of accent furniture. To contemporarize Indian handicraft.

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