“Lovers of contemporary art and sculpture often go searching for show-stopping art from around the world. There’s one place we tend to overlook though. Home. Artistic talent in India is abundant yet largely unrecognized. Artists often work in isolation, focusing more on creating rather than marketing themselves. Talent goes unnoticed.”

That’s where Origins comes in. Origins is an art and sculpture brand that promotes Indian artists and workmanship.

We combine traditional Indian handicraft techniques with contemporary form to make art that resonates with modern India. Every piece is conceived, designed and handcrafted by Indian local artists and craftsmen. The artist gives us a sketch or a clay model and we replicate this design using state-of-the-art technology. The artist then adds the finishing touches to the piece, transforming it into a masterpiece. And when cutting-edge technology meets intricate workmanship, you can expect stunning, one-of-a-kind, contemporary yet affordable art pieces. Many of our pieces, designed and conceived by our talented local artists are limited edition ones, found only at Origins.

With Origins, local artists now have a platform to create and share their unique art. Right from sculptures to wall art, to art deco items, you can find our collection online or visit our flagship store in Delhi.

Because art should never go unnoticed.

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