Stockinger Rotalis S10 Watch Winders Silver And Black


In order to offer a representative framework to your valuable watches, independently of our safes, too, we offer exclusively made watch winder cabinets of the renowned Munich-based manufacture Erwin Sattler. Equipped with the patented Sattler-Beluwo® movement technology, your automatic watches will be moved optimally and at the same time presented elegantly and in high quality.

  • Material : metal
  • Depth : 19.5 cm.
  • Height : 24 cm.
  • Exterior: Housing of full metal, veneers of carbon Front glass of security glass with rotation mechanism Interior: 10 precision watch winders, each individually programmable 10 motors as individual drives Data transmission via WLAN Power supply 230V or 110V Internal illumination system (LED)

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 24 x 53.5 x 19.5 cm

  • Stockinger

    In 1978, the best safe in the world was created. Established in the city of Neuried, near Munich, Germany, Stockinger has been creating and developing the safest safes on the market for the last 39 years.

    Hans Stockinger, the company founder, had a vision to transform the unsightly conventional safe and locked box standard to the day into appealing interior design objects. Once Hans figured out the first safe, the doors opened for quality safes and cabinets to inherit more tasteful features. Our top-of-the-line security is accompanied by our niche of high design, transforming your safe into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

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