The Rug Republic Hand Made Ivory Alchi Rug Patern 01

The Rug Republic

Exquisite hand made rugs woven, knotted, tufted and printed, across traditions, looms, materials and Indian sub-cultures in a large variety of patterns. The Rug Republic brings to you their finest rugs.

  • Material : wool
  • Width : 230 cm.
  • Height : 160 cm.
  • Inspired from the serenity of the Alchi monastery in Ladakh, this exquisite flatwoven rug is a class apart. The free flowing graphic lines woven in virgin white wool are woven on a punja loom. The touch wool weft and the cotton wrap make it sturdy as well as stylish to complement the uncluttered and neutral color interiors.

  • Hand made rugs created by various methods. Exclusive hand tufted, hand knit, hand knotted, hand woven and printed single piece rugs.

  • Light vaccum clean regulaly, avoid beater brush. Remove spills instantly, blot them. Do not soak in any liquid, fold and rotate periodically. For specific instructions related to your purchase, consult one of our experts.

  • The Rug Republic

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