Veronica Wall Lamp


Veronica medium brass wall lamp with decorative metallic elements. Stripled light source allows smooth illumination of any area.

  • Material : brushed brass
  • Width : 25 cm.
  • Depth : 50 cm.
  • Height : 35 cm.
  • Wall lamp with decorative metallic elements
    MAX WATT: 25 Watt
    Lighting source: 1XSTRIPLED
    Type of light: STRIPLED
    bulbs In cluded :included
    Assembly required : No
    35x50x25 cm


    MARIONI was established in 1966 thanks to the great intuition of its founder Paolo Marioni. Though MARIONI is a large-sized company, it is strongly characterized by a family approach whose sense of belonging has been preserved together with a spirit of devotion and commitment and the innate creativity of Tuscany.
    In Calenzano, near Florence, our able modellers, decorators and artists work with mastery and our collections, inspired by Italian history and culture, come to life surrounded by an environment of modernity and tradition, keeping unchanged their innate functional and aesthetic character. Our main office is in Calenzano (Florence), about 2 km from the A1 motorway exit where there is also a showroom open exclusively to professionals. Here we manage logistics and quality control and we manufacture lighting collection and home accessories while the production of upholstery and furniture is strategically located in another industrial area. The company is spread over several operating units linked together in telematics network.

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